San Francisco

(written by Bill)

Since I live so close to San Francisco, or what we local’s call “The City”, it is only fitting that I have a few photo’s of this beautiful Northern California landmark.  Below are a few shots that I recently took and thought I would share.

The first photo shows the Golden Gate Bridge and was taken from the ocean side southern end.  The trail in the foreground leads to Baker Beach which is a mile long shoreline offering panoramic views of the bridge, Marin Headlands, and Lands End. Great spot for photographers.

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge (south side)

The second photo was taken from the ocean side north end of the Golden Gate Bridge.  This is one of the most spectacular angles for viewing and of course picture taking.  You can see the “City” skyline in the background as well as the western section of the San Francisco/Oakland Bay bridge.  You can take an access road on the northern side of the bridge that allows you to drive west up on the peaks with turnouts for easy and terrific photo opportunities. If you’re lucky, you can get some wonderful shots on foggy days when only the top suspension towers poke through. Gorgeous views!

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge (north side)

Point Bonita Light House is shown in this next photo.  It was originally built in 1855 on a high ridge 300 feet above the water and just outside the San Francisco Bay.  Unfortunately thick fog would frequently obscure the light so in 1877 they selected a new site nearby with a lower elevation, on Lands End at the tip of Point Bonita.  A new 3-room brick structure needed to be built to support the upper half of the original lighthouse.  The light house is open to the public and is an interesting walk, first going through a tunnel then across a short suspension bridge, which was built after a violent storm in the 1940’s washed out a section of the narrow path.  You can see the bridge in the left side of the photo.

Point Bonita

Point Bonita Light House

The last photo is near the Point Bonita Light House showing some old military buildings at Fort Barry. This is an old Army post that was constructed in 1908 during the ‘Endicott Period’ to give better protection to the San Francisco strait.  Today, tours are offered to learn more about why Fort Barry was constructed and how it was used.  To learn more on the history of Fort Barry via the web click here:

Fort Barry

Fort Barry built in the Marin Headlands

Additional photo’s of San Francisco can be viewed at:!i=2056820987&k=nzBHwxc

Hope you enjoy…


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7 Responses to San Francisco

  1. orbphotog says:

    Always a pleasure to see “The City” where I was born but barely know.

    • motioners says:

      I feel like I want to know more about how you were born in such a beautiful city and barely know it? Ummmm. Thanks for the kind feedback. I will enjoy looking at your work. bill

  2. Clanmother says:

    Lighthouses – for me, a reminder that even in the midst of darkness, there is a light in the distance!!!

  3. lignumdraco says:

    I’ve been to SF several times now. Always a pleasure to visit. Thanks for the photos.

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