Snow Creek – Yosemite

(written by Bill)

Every year on fathers day Paul, Christian, and I (Bill)  like to go backpacking.  We rotate, year over year, who gets to plan the trip and select the location.  Sometimes it’s Yosemite, sometimes the Tahoe region, or Pacific coast, or down the Central Valley near Big Sur or even further north.

In addition to the annual Father’s day outings, Paul likes to go into the back country on his birthday, which is the topic of this particular blog.  Did I mention, his birthday falls in the winter season?  Hiking into the back country during winter adds some interesting challenges.

This year, Paul selected Snow Creek Falls in Yosemite as his destination.  For those that have read our “About” page, Snow Creek is where backpacking really started for the three of us in 2005 (our grandson’s have since joined in) .

The Snow Creek Falls Trail Head is located at Mirror Lake in Yosemite at about 4,100′ and our destination is at 6,600′ level. The trail is roughly 2.5 miles, all uphill, and has 134 switch backs.  This year, we tried something new and started our trek at 10:00pm PT.  On this particular night we had a 3/4 moon, which was great while we were out in the open, but we also carried headlamps for use when we where hiking within the trees.  The goal was to reach our planned campsite in 4 hours, or 2:00am.  The weather was great, no snow in the forecast, but temps did drop down to the high teens (Fahrenheit).

All in all, the trip was absolutely great.  We made it to the top as expected spending two days exploring and taking pictures.  We highly recommend it to the avid backpackers, but be aware, it is strenuous, and cold in the winter.

Here is a link to some of the photo’s we took: Snow Creek, Yosemite photos. There is a PhotoFusion video that you must take time to watch!

If you’d like to learn more about the Snow Creek Falls Trail, click here:

Hope you enjoy…


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