National Parks – Red Canyon Dixie National Forest and Bryce

(written by Bill)

Part 3 on a series about our road trip from California to Ohio, and back again, visiting 15 National – Parks, Recreation Areas, Forests, and Monuments.

On day 3 we drove to Red Canyon in Dixie National Forest in early morning which is a great time for taking photos.  The morning sun was lighting up the Hoodoo columns like a beacon in the sky, which is what these rock formations are called.  We parked at the visitor center and hiked one of the many trails in the park and as a side note Dad, at 90, hikes these trails like a regular youngster!  It was a unique and beautiful place.

More about Red Canyon Dixie National Forest information

After finishing up at Red Canyon, we were on to Bryce Canyon National Park which was one of our highlights along the way.  When you enter the park, you travel on a road that winds up the mountain with many vista points to stop and see the awesome rock formations. The bright orange and light colored rock are simply beautiful.  Although the skies looked threatening, the weather really wasn’t that bad.  The real challenge was in taking pictures. It was good when the sun was out or completely covered by clouds but all too often we had a mix of sun and shade, making it a bit tougher. What a magnificent place to visit.

More about Bryce Canyon National Park information

After taking in all we could at Bryce Canyon NP, we began our search for a place to spend the night.   I believe I mentioned in my first blog of this series that we did not make any reservations for lodging and were “winging” it each day.  Spontaneity adds excitement (and sometimes anxiety if you can’t find a place). On this particular day we found ourselves in a small town called Torrey Utah, population 171. There were plenty of choices to stay so we had no problem finding a place here!

Click here to see more photo’s of Red Canyon Dixie National Forest

Click here to see more photo’s of Bryce Canyon National Park

The next blog will cover Capitol Reef and Arches National Parks.  Both were absolutely awesome and a must see.

Hope you enjoy…


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11 Responses to National Parks – Red Canyon Dixie National Forest and Bryce

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for doing this brother dear!!!! It is like being there again. A time I will never forget!!!

    • motioners says:

      Photo’s allow us to relive our memories in such a wonderfully vivid fashion. Combine this with the power of today’s media sharing and OMG, what a great experience for all to enjoy! We sure saw a lot….Love you sis!

  2. Janet says:

    Really awesome photos. I need to go there. And how wonderful for you to be doing this with your dad at his age! Pretty cool!

  3. That looks like an amazing place to hike!

  4. Those rock formations look awesome! Beautiful canyon!

  5. Thanks for the amazing info. I find these posts have a lot of material. I can’t wait to get a chance to impliment all these great posts. Thank you very much.

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