National Parks – Capitol Reef and Arches

(written by Bill)

Part 4 on a series about our road trip from California to Ohio, and back again, visiting 15 National – Parks, Recreation Areas, Forests, and Monuments. 5 reviewed, 10 to go.

Day 4 – At breakfast, we debated bypassing Capitol Reef and driving straight to Arches NP but Dad would have nothing to do with this idea.  I will admit, we didn’t know a lot about Capitol Reef and figured there might not be much to see there.  We were so wrong!  As we passed the welcoming sign we were greeted with so many spectacular views of cliffs and rocks with such vibrant colors that we weren’t sure which way to look.  Further into the park we came to a 2.5 mile drive that follows a dry riverbed, called Grand Wash, which takes you through steep and majestic canyon walls. There are warnings to drivers and hikers to turn back if there is any indication of rain, which could result in flash floods, but during the summer months it is one of the most beautiful scenic drives you can experience.

By mid afternoon we were ready to head on to Arches NP and decided to drive into Moab Utah first and look for lodging before going into the park.  Turns out it was a good decision because the town is well known for 4 wheeling and had a big event going on.  When we inquired at one of the motels they informed us that everything in town was booked solid. After turning to leave the phone rang and it just so happened one of their sister motels had a last minute cancellation, which we ended up getting.  Timing is everything, our lucky day!

View more photo’s of Capitol Reef

View more photo’s of Arches NP

Our next blog will highlight Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area and Dinosaur National Monument. Two lesser known National treasures but well worth the time to visit.

Hope you enjoy…


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2 Responses to National Parks – Capitol Reef and Arches

  1. cindy knoke says:

    I love Capitol Reef….Great photos!

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