Cross Country – Liberty vs Deer Valley High School

(written by Bill)

Last night I took photo’s of the girls and boys varsity cross country meet held at Deer Valley High School in Antioch, California.  I have posted a couple of other cross country races in my blog but the others have been large tournaments with many schools present and 200+ participants at the starting line.

This particular race is a regular season meet between two high schools, Liberty and Deer Valley with about 10-15 runners in each race.  The 3.2 mile track, at Deer Valley, is a very difficult hilly course as you’ll see in the pictures.  The weather was pretty good, mid 70’s (Fahrenheit) with little to no wind.

You can see more photo’s of the race by clicking here, CC Race

Hope you enjoy…


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2 Responses to Cross Country – Liberty vs Deer Valley High School

  1. Janet says:

    What a small world. Two of my oldest sons attended Deer Valley High School. We moved away when the area became crime-ridden. Our other children attended a much smaller school up here in the hills where they were able to participate in sports. If we had stayed at Deer Valley, the competition would have been fierce. Nice photos….as usual.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s really fun photographing these events. The young athletes really work hard to prepare and are very competitive. I’ll bet your move to the “hills” is a wonderful change.
      Thanks for the kind feedback and I agree, it is a small world.

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