National Parks – Grand Teton and Yellowstone

(written by Bill)

Part 6 on a series about our road trip from California to Ohio, and back again, visiting 15 National – Parks, Recreation Areas, Forests, and Monuments. 9 reviewed, 6 to go.

I was really excited this morning (day 6) since we would be visiting both the Grand Teton’s and Yellowstone National Parks.  I have never been to either and both were on my “must see” bucket list.

It was not the best of days weather wise (hazy) nor the best time of day (2:00pm) but I had my camera out shooting as we drove into the Tetons. We would stop, take pictures, drive a little ways then stop and take more pictures. What a magnificent place to see.

After spending a few hours at the Grand Tetons we piled back into the car and headed for Yellowstone National Park.  May is a great time of year to visit Yellowstone because this is when most of the young arrive (newborns), but on the down side weather can be extremely unpredictable.  Our plan was to enter the park from the south and drive through to West Yellowstone where we would stay for the night. Finding a place to stay was really easy since it was one week before the park officially opened and the crowds weren’t there yet.

We spent the next day (day 7), under perfect weather, enjoying all the wonders of the park then headed up toward the north gate in the evening to a small town named Gardiner just outside the park. The morning of Day 8 we drove back into Yellowstone snapping shots of all the animals and and scenery as we made our way out the eastern side.  This proved to be a very scenic route as we went over the summit then headed down a gorgeous canyon on our way to Cody, Montana where we would spend the night.

I must say, Yellowstone was magnificent, even better than I had expected!  We saw grizzly’s, black bears, wolves, bald eagles, golden eagles, bison, elk, moose, cranes, squirrels, ravens, not to mention the hot springs, geysers, mud pots, rivers, waterfalls, and canyons that were literally everywhere. Wow!  Although there was some significant snow on the ground, the weather was near perfect while we were in Yellowstone! Awesome experience.

Click here to see more photos of the Grand Tetons

Click here to see a lot more photos of Yellowstone

Check out our next blog which will highlight Mount Rushmore National Monument and the Badlands National Park. Both are well known and quite amazing.

Hope you enjoy…


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13 Responses to National Parks – Grand Teton and Yellowstone

  1. Janet says:

    It was fun to see your photos. I’ve never been there, but my youngest son took a cross-country road trip and stopped at several national parks along the way this summer. He didn’t bring a camera, only his cell phone. I have yet to see those photos.

  2. linhartb says:

    Your pictures of Yellowstone and the Tetons are beautiful! I just did a backpacking trip in the southwest corner of Yellowstone over Labor Day Weekend myself. The park certainly is a beautiful place!

  3. motioners says:

    Love your blog. I’ll be following. bill

  4. Pani Peonia says:

    I’ve been there in 80ties – nice to know some things don’t change.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I used to work at Grand Teton NP as a Park Ranger! Love y’alls pictures! I’ll have to post some on my site to share.

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