Basketball – St Annes 11/10/2012

(written by Bill)

I had the opportunity to take some photo’s of my grandson’s basketball game who plays on the St Annes team. Both sides played a great game but St Annes came out on top when the final buzzer sounded, yah!

It’s always tough shooting these night-time indoor games.  The movement is fast with lighting less than desirable so a flash is an absolute necessity.  I try my best to shoot a split second after the ball leaves the players hands so that I don’t inadvertently blind them.  I guess I did okay since I did not receive any complaints from the spectators, referees, nor players.

You can see more photos by clicking here

Hope you enjoy…


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6 Responses to Basketball – St Annes 11/10/2012

  1. Your photographs bring back memories of the minor injuries suffered in the game. Mine when I broke my index finger reaching for the ball and my daughter’s when she sprained her ankle within fifteen minutes of the game. Those were the days….

  2. orbphotog says:

    You caught the action beautifully, Bill. Looks like a well played game. If there were any fouls they were probably unintentional.

  3. Janet says:

    I remember those days well: my son playing basketball, me trying to get a good shot. Yours are excellent, mine were horrible. 🙂

    • motioners says:

      As I stated, basketball is really tough to photograph so I really do appreciate your feedback. I’ve seen your wonderful photos and I bet your basketball shots are are far better than you give yourself credit for…. 🙂 bill

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