Cross Country – NCS Championship 2012

(written by Bill)

NCS (North Coast Sectional) is the big cross country meet which is held just prior to State making it a very important tournament.  This year, like last, it was held at Hayward High School in Northern California.  The best of the best were all in attendance.

Most of our cross country races this year have been under sunny, or partly cloudy skies, but not this one.  We had rain, on-again off-again, all day with a few periods of pretty heavy downpour.  This is one tournament that rain, sleet, or snow, it’s going to happen!

Click here to see more photos of the NCS CC Tournament

Hope you enjoy…


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9 Responses to Cross Country – NCS Championship 2012

  1. Rain or shine, the race must go on. What a great collection of photographs to remember the day. Like the first one with all those umbrellas and the muddy outfits, says it all.

    • motioners says:

      I truly felt for the athletes because it had to be tough to run in these conditions -mud, water, wind, and cold. But I must say, they all seemed to give it their best and have a good time in the process. Thanks for your comment and glad you could see the story in the photos. bill

  2. Angeline M says:

    Wow! These kids are so dedicated! Great photos that shows their determination.

  3. rempolla says:

    Hi Bill. We recently had our cross country chamionships here in Perth, Australia. what a contrast to the conditions in North California!!! Your photos certainly captured the scene. Remo

    • motioners says:

      The weather was really good for all of the cross country tournaments this year until this one. On the good side, the kids really enjoyed the day and gave it their all. Did you take photo’s of the championships there in Perth? I would love to see them. Thanks for your comments Remo. bill

      • Anonymous says:

        Unfortunately not….We are in the midst of the athletics season and so will do over the next few months. I coach a group of 12 year old girls who are very enthusiastic and give it their all. Remo

  4. poetb2012 says:

    Sounds like rain off and on again like some of my hiking trips. you have some awesome pic

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