New England Road Trip; Chapter 7 – Connecticut

(written by Bill)

This is a series of blogs covering a 21 day road-trip my wife and I made through eight New England States during the month of September – Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

I’ve covered Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, and Pennsylvania to date.

Chapter 7 – How can anyplace top the town of Intercourse?  Well, we were back on the road bright and early heading for Connecticut in search of the next wonderful location.

Our first stop was in the town of New Haven, Connecticut where we toured Yale University.  All I can say about this campus is, “Wow!”,  It is so worth taking time to walk around and see a place that educates some of our most intelligent young people.  I felt smarter just strolling around the grounds.

After walking through the University we took a boat ride with River Quest on the Connecticut River.  The weather was okay with  just a few scattered clouds and slightly on the cool side. On the cruise was saw the Gillette Castle, Snowy Egrets and some beautiful homes along the waterfront.  If you are visiting Connecticut, be sure to take this tour.

After finishing up the boat ride we traveled on to a quaint little town called Mystic, still in Connecticut, where we planned on spending the night.  We really got lucky finding a vacancy at the Steamboat Inn (B&B) right on the waterway with a terrific view (and very romantic). While in Mystic, you have to eat at the Mystic Pizza parlor.  As they say on their sign it’s like eating, “A slice of heaven”.

All in all, Connecticut was a great state with lots to see and enjoy.

Click here to see more photo’s of Connecticut (as well as previous images from other New England States).

Next blog with cover Rhode Island, then on to Cape Cod.

Hope you enjoy…


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15 Responses to New England Road Trip; Chapter 7 – Connecticut

  1. LizzieJoy says:

    Lovely photos, Bill. It surely is a wonderful trip. Wishing you and your wife abundant blessings for 2013.

    • motioners says:

      LizzieJoy, The Motioners sure hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season and we wish you the best in 2013. Thanks so much for the feedback. bill, paul, and christian

  2. orbphotog says:

    Good to see you back to blogging, Bill. Happy New Year!

    • motioners says:

      Glad to be back. The holiday seasons is wonderful and soooo busy. Happy New Year to you at Orbphotog. Keep up the good work, we love reading your blog. bill, paul, and christian

  3. Beautiful shots!!! Lovely place!!! Happy New Year!!!

  4. Bill, enjoyed your roadtrip series. This new year is going to be a busy one for all of us.

  5. daniellajoe says:

    I love your blog and the road trip!!!

    • motioners says:

      I must tell you that I have not seen a blog site as colorful as yours. Nice work! My sister is into crocheting and does some nice work. Thanks for your kind feedback. Happy New Year! bill

  6. likeitiz says:

    These pictures of Connecticut are just lovely! Thanks for taking us there with you.

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