Napa Wine Country – Valentine’s Day

(written by Bill)

My wife and I decided to spend Valentine’s Day relaxing in the wine country in Northern California.  After packing our suitcases, we jumped in the car and drove off to our romantic get away.  After just under 2 hours we arrived at our destination, the Rancho Caymus Inn located in Rutherford, which sits between Yountville and St. Helena in the Napa Valley.  For those not familiar with the region, Yountville is just north of the town of Napa.

As it turns out we couldn’t have ordered better weather.  Valentine’s Day had sunny skies with temperatures in the mid 70 degrees (F) and barely a breeze.  We enjoyed a spring like day in mid-February (winter). How good is that!

In the morning we strolled the streets in the towns along the Napa Valley corridor weaving in and out of the many shops. Mid-day we drove down some of the back-roads and felt the peacefulness and beauty of Napa Valley’s countryside.  For lunch and dinner we ate at superb restaurants, part of which the Napa Valley is known for, and last but not least we snapped a whole bunch of photo’s along the way.

It was a wonderful way to spend our Valentine’s Day (2013)!  We hope you all had a terrific day as well!

Click here to see more photo’s of our Napa Valley Valentines day.

Hope you enjoy…


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27 Responses to Napa Wine Country – Valentine’s Day

  1. insanely great work as always guys! Congrats. Waiting for the next post. Just as a small suggestion though, couldn’t you put your brand name on the pictures a little lower? 2 or 3 beautiful photos were ruined by the bad position of the writing. Hope this helps. Kind regards

    • motioners says:

      Nicholas Merrynote: Thanks of the nice words. Also greatly appreciate the small suggestion. Watermarks can be somewhat problematic. I’ll discuss with the team and see what we can do. Greatly appreciate your suggestion! bill

      • Always glad to help friends. Can’t wait for the new post, and the new position of the water marks. How did you like our last post? We would very much appreciate a sincere constructive critique on our blog about it. Kindest regards,

  2. Wow … the yellow of those mustard fields just POPs! All of these are really nice. Your trips provide for so much photographic scope! Glad to know you’ve taken advantage of the opportunities. D

    • motioners says:

      This is a great time of year to visit the Napa valley. Although the grape vines are a bit sparse, as well as the oak trees, the mustard plants more than make up for the lack of greenery. Thanks for your feedback. bill

  3. Wow, beautiful pictures!!! Glorious shots!!!

  4. Angeline M says:

    Great post. I haven’t been to Napa in way too long. Sounds like a great Valentine’s Day.

    • motioners says:

      We just might make it an annual event, however, we do understand the weather was exceptional this year. You should plan a return trip if it’s been too long….. 🙂 bill

  5. Pani Peonia says:

    Wonderful place for nice Valentine day!

  6. fotografka90 says:

    Beautiful place for Valentine’s Day and great photos 🙂

  7. Maria says:

    I have many dreams,
    to travel is one of them, so please Bill, from now on step anywhere you will put , think that not only you are your steps, but also of those who would like to see and to discover that places…. thanks!!

  8. stephglaser says:

    Gorgeous photos — I love the vineyards with the mustard fields. Stunning. Thank you for sharing and thank you for stopping by and checking out Travel Oops! Cheers.

  9. likeitiz says:

    If your photos are this pretty in the “dead of winter,” I am excited to see your vision of Napa during summer and fall. Thanks,

    • motioners says:

      I must say that you have made it seem like spring time (while in winter) with your beautiful flora shots that made me feel warm. I plan on making another trip to Napa to capture the summer time feeling. Thanks so much for your feedback. bill

  10. renxkyoko says:

    I live just 30 minutes from Napa.

    Great photos of Napa !

    • motioners says:

      Did we do good showing bits and pieces of the Napa Valley? Sure hope so. Thanks for letting us know you are a local, so we can tell you how envious we are. What a beautiful place! bill

  11. mamacormier says:

    My husband and I went to the Napa Valley 30 years ago in February. We loved it. I really enjoy your posts and even though I’m following you your posts aren’t showing up in my Reader. I didn’t think much of it at first because I know some people don’t post that often but when I read somewhere else that this was a problem I decided to come to your site and sure enough I’ve missed quite a few posts. I’m going to click the notify box so I know when you post via email.

    • motioners says:

      I was not aware WordPress had an issue with the Reader tracking and posting the blogs we selected to follow. Thanks for passing along this information. Although there have been some changes within the Napa Valley over the years, it has been able to maintain its peaceful and relaxing charm. Love it! I also really enjoy your post, so positive and makes me happy. Thanks for your wonderful feedback.

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