Italy – Rome

(written by Bill)

Over the past several months we have presented a number of series about travel within the United States. We will now do a three part series on a trip made back in 2007 when we visited three gorgeous cities in Italy – Rome, Florence, and Venice.

Rome – We (Linda and I) flew out of San Francisco in mid-September heading for our first location in the city of Rome.  What a wonderful place to visit and the people are the greatest!  Even though it was a long flight (nearly 14 hours via Frankfurt Germany), we couldn’t resist taking a walk after arriving at our hotel in downtown Rome, (Hotel Piazza di Spagna) to get a feel for our new surroundings.

First thing in the morning we hopped on a city tour bus, as we normally do, to get an overview of where everything is located.  After orienting ourselves we were off to take a tour of Vatican City, which can be summed up by saying “absolutely amazing!”  Next we went to the Spanish Steps and mingled with the hordes of people that congregate near the fountain at the bottom of the steps.  Later on we walked from our hotel to the Trevi Fountain, one of Rome’s most famous landmarks, and shared the view with dozen’s of others who were enjoying this magnificent sculptured masterpiece.

One of our biggest highlights while in Rome was being able to see the Colosseum of Ancient Rome.  We arrived early in the morning and bought a ticket for a walking tour which turned out to be extremely rewarding as our guide filled us full of facts. After the Colosseum tour we ventured (within walking distance) over to the Roman Forum and strolled through the site of so many ancient government buildings. Quite spectacular.  So much history!

We also took a half-day to tour the Pantheon Building which was built and dedicated between A.D 118 and 125 and is one of the most preserved and influential building of Ancient Rome.

Others have written entire books based on what we just presented but we must be brief in our blog.  It is our hope that we have given you enough so you will feel the warmth and attraction of Rome and want to add it to your bucket list.  For those of you who live in this spectacular city, we hope we have done a good job presenting just a few of the wonderful sights to see.

Click here to see more photo’s from our visit to Rome.

Our next blog will cover the city of Florence, Italy.

Hope you enjoy…


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41 Responses to Italy – Rome

  1. now that is a lot of roming around

  2. Angeline M says:

    Absolutely fantastic photos! I would love that hotel room too, a peak into the everyday. I love each and every photo. Now I want to go back to Rome. I really look forward to your next posts on Florence and Venice.

  3. super collection. rome is just an amazing place… an outdoor museum. thanks for taking me back there!

  4. Very nice indeed. Tough conditions to be taking photos – all the people must have been a big frustration. You worked it well though and the beauty of the place still translates well. D

  5. says:

    Beautiful pics….. Thanks for sharing… lv u

  6. mikemcmurray says:

    Loved this collection!

  7. artdone says:

    Excellent post!
    I wait for Florance 😉

  8. What a great grouping of photographs and interesting tour of your visit to Rome. Looking forward to seeing the next Italian city…

  9. prashlive says:

    Beautiful Pics Bill. Rome is a must in everybody’s bucket list. Its a wonderful place.,

  10. Gobetween says:

    My favourites from your selection is Trevi fountain.

    • motioners says:

      I agree. Trevi Fountain had dozens, if not hundreds, of people all around it all the time. It was very challenging trying to get into a position where you could capture the essence of the fountain and not have a lot of faces in the shot. Thanks for your feedback. bill

  11. WM says:

    Would you like to visit my blog? I write there about you.

  12. likeitiz says:

    You pictures of Rome are beautiful. I especially like the panoramic view of St. Peter’s Square. Lovely! Can’t wait to see what you have of Florence.

  13. fotografka90 says:

    Fantastic photos! I love Rome- it’s a beautiful place. My favourite photo is view of St. Peter’s Square, too.

  14. Great shots! Can’t wait for Florence…

    • motioners says:

      We pictured Rome as the city with so much history. Florence on the other hand seemed to be about the restaurants, fine foods and wine. We also loved the country side around Florence. I will be posting Florence in the next day or two. Thanks Aristotle. bill

  15. SABATOWKA says:

    Le tue fotografie sono veramente belle. Ricordanno tutte le momenti che vivono a Roma! Saluti Fotografo!

  16. kz says:

    spellbinding place! really wonderful photos.. 🙂

  17. JZ says:

    I LOVE Italy – such a beautiful country. Thanks for sharing these photos – they make me want to go back there so much.

  18. kenneturner says:

    . . . inspiring!

  19. fooheantee says:

    this is a place where i wanna go for vacation…. nice shot

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