Yosemite’s Snow Creek 2014

(written by bill)

Just finished our 5th annual Snow Creek hike in Yosemite. Four of us braved the cold weather to make this years trek. Bill (me), and Christian, headed up Friday morning while Paul and Brandon hiked up Friday evening (had to wait for Brandon to get out of school).

While the East Coast is getting pounded this year by the winter weather, California is experiencing one of its worst drought years on record. With that being said, we figured this year would be a pretty easy hike (dry), wrong.  It snowed Thursday and Friday making the trail a little tougher then normal, but oh-so-beautiful as we hiked through about twelve inches of fresh powdery snow.

Christian and I made it to the top about 3:30pm with Paul and Brandon arriving about 9:30pm.  The advantage of having two of us hiking up early is that we are able to scavenge for wood and have a warm fire waiting for the other two, which we know they greatly appreciated. At about 10pm the skies cleared up and the temps dropped into the single digits during the night. I’d like to say that we all slept warm and toasty, but the fact is we were all up pretty early so we could start the fire and get some warmth.

Over the past few years there has typically been more snow at the top of Snow Creek versus this year, however, with the fresh snow all the trees were covered in white giving us a majestic wintry scene. Absolutely goregeous!

In the morning we all enjoyed the warmth of the fire, ate some breakfast, caught up on what’s going on with each other and then around noon, started back down the trail. Normally we spend two nights in the wilderness, but this year everyone wanted to get home early to prepare for the Superbowl parties.  Another great hike!

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Hope you enjoy the pics we’ve included.

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15 Responses to Yosemite’s Snow Creek 2014

  1. These are spectacularly good photographs! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mama Cormier says:

    Beautiful photographs. Makes me love winter all over again.

  3. prashlive says:

    Great Pics. Loved it and wonderful hike it seems ?

  4. Really nice … beautiful scenery. D

  5. fotografka90 says:

    Wow, great photos! Winter is really beautiful!

    • motioners says:

      I would suspect there are many who hate winter. Living in a place that is constantly cold and dreary could be a bit depressing. However, when we get in the car to go to a place like this, it’s our choice to visit, but only for a short time. Guess that makes all the difference. Loved it. Thanks so much for giving us your thoughts. bill

      • fotografka90 says:

        I like winter and summer, spring and autumn- there are a lot of beautiful things! I prefer cold weather but I love summer, water and sun. In winter I like snowboard and beautiful mountains. White colour is magic for me. Spring is really green and sunny. Autumn is colourfull. I think we should notice a good side all of seasons.

  6. Janet says:

    Your photos are wonderful, Bill. I especially liked the trees dripping with icicles. Once you reached the top, how far before you found a camping spot?

    • motioners says:

      Hi Janet. To answer your question, it’s not far at all. As you reach the top, after the last switchback, you will walk on a straight path parallel to Half Dome (which is a beautiful view). From this point it is about a quarter mile to the foot bridge that crosses Snow Creek. About half way to the bridge you can turn right and you’ll find some great spots under the trees to camp which is close to the creek (for drinking water). During the summer months we like to pass through the trees and out to the point, just across from Half Dome and set up camp in the open. We us this location as a home base and hike to other points of interest, such as Mt Watkins, Basket Dome, North Dome, or The Lost Cabin of Snow Creek. A gigantic bolder that overhangs the trail is what we consider the half way point to the top. Kind of a landmark that we stop at and refresh a bit. I know you hike the Mirror Lake Loop Trial (based on your blogs), and the trail head for Snow Creek is right off the Loop trail. You’ll love the view from the top if you do it! Thanks for your comments as always, bill

      • Janet says:

        Thanks for the info! One of these days I’ll hike the whole Snow Creek Trail. It’s seems like a hard hike with a backpack though. 🙂 Janet

  7. Looks Beautiful!!! I hope one day I can hike/backpack here!!!

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